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Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

Talent Acquisition Workshop Series for Startups & Growth Companies.

This Workshop-series has been designed specifically for startups and growth companies to enable them
to attract and hire the best talent for their brand in an increasingly competitive market.

Get trained up and become self-sufficient in recruitment.

Develop your company’s recruitment strategy to eliminate wasted time and money.

Learn how to make hiring top talent more accessible for your company.

Develop lean recruitment processes to beat the competition.

Pick and choose what module your company needs to empower your Talent Acquisition knowledge.

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Module 1:

Recruitment Strategy & Planning

Develop & align your recruitment strategy to your business strategy.

Different hiring approaches & methods for Technical Vs.Non-Technical candidates.

Leaner, faster & candidate friendly hiring processes.

Module 2:

Candidate Sourcing & Attraction

Tips on creating winning job-specifications to attract the best.

Short-cuts to getting the fastest, most accurate results from the five main sourcing channels.

International sourcing techniques for niche roles & how to utilize your network for first-rate candidate referrals.

Module 3:

Interviewing and The Candidate Experience

Competency interviewing for professional, accurate results.

Enhanced employer brand and candidate experience resulting in higher employee referrals.

Implement benchmarking into your process at an early stage to avoid hiring mistakes.

Module 4:

Selection, Referencing, Negotiation & Onboarding

Assess ambiguity tolerance – a vital trait for companies in a transitionary period.

Smarter referencing questions at both pre & post referencing stage.

Enhance your negotiating skills and achieve a higher candidate conversion rate.

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