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Executive & Career Coaching

Executive & Career Coaching

Roobix offers 1:1 coaching, both to individuals and companies and has a successful track record of coaching Business Founders, Senior Executive & Leadership teams and Senior Managers across International Corporates and indigenous organisations.

When we engage with you as a client, we encourage you to showcase your authentic self, bringing your strengths to the forefront, allowing you to demonstrate the best of your leadership capability. Your leadership style is now more readily defined, and your skills and strengths are leveraged and promoted as a way to overcome any development issues. This gives you the confidence and insight to understand yourself better and lead more authentically and effectively.


We specialize in the following areas:

Executive Coaching:

Roobix partners with clients to help them grow more engaged executives, developing the next generation of leaders across the organisation. Executive coaching themes may include; First 100 Days Coaching, Executive Leadership Development, Succession Planning & Career Management.


Career Coaching:

Career coaching helps you to discover what you excel at, where your passion lies and what you really want to do with your career. We offer career-coaching programs to senior executives helping you develop a plan to execute and achieve your goals. We work with executives looking to advance in their current organization or executives seeking an external move or an entire career change.


Interview Coaching:

Our extensive international recruitment experience, offers you unrivalled insight into what companies seek in potential candidates during the interview. We help you answer competency interview questions, demonstrate your strengths, and help you perform with confidence throughout the interview. Most importantly, we work with you to showcase your authentic self so you do not need to revert to phony answers throughout the interview. Finally, we provide insightful and practical feedback on your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

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